Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Day 8: Dryden to Winnipeg, July 8

This was the first morning I used our newly-hooked-up stove to make tea, which I (for one) appreciated as part of the routine. We continued west on 17 to Egli's, a wool and sheepskin shop and animal farm between Dryden and Kenora. They had all kinds of animals, from emus to bison to llamas (the baby llamas are incredibly cute and playful at this time of year). We resisted the temptation to buy wool sweaters and sheepskin slippers, and continued on to Kenora.

The Plaza restaurant in Kenora is in "Where to Eat in Canada", and it was odd, but great, to get such good Greek food so far from the Danforth.

After that we continued to Winnipeg, arriving in time to catch the last guided tour of the day for the Canadian Mint. I hadn't known that they produce all the coins for circulation in Canada, not to mention coins for 60 other countries. It was pretty cool to watch the coins being made.

We picnicked and bunked down at the Traveller's RV park just outside of Winnipeg, where the decrepit mini-putt was free, along with hot showers.

Total so far: 2615km.

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