Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Day 12: Maidstone SK to Edmonton AB, July 12

Our big push of driving for the day was in the morning, to get to Edmonton in a reasonable time. We went straight to the Telus World of Science, Will's big destination for this leg of the trip. There were three big galleries open, plus a planetarium where we watched a mediocre movie about the planets. Will had a great time, especially in the "crime scene" gallery, where he got to try and solve a dog-napping mystery while learning about forensics methods.

Edmonton has no fewer than seven Where to Eat in Canada restaurants, so after trying one that was too busy to take us (and a bit fancy, frankly), we found a great place called the Blue-Plate (hyphen theirs, not mine). After that it was time to find our campsite - which we had reserved ahead of time - and get set up for the evening. The RV Park was just that - a place for people to park their RVs. The family in the next site had taken over ours, and we had to ask them to move. They did, but kept walking through our site whenever it suited them. We took the opportunity to use the laundromat and free wifi.

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DS said...

I've had campsite neighbours like this. One solution is to wash all of your socks. All of them. Then leave them to dry on "socklines", which are braided nylon lines suspended about four inches off the ground.

I find that I often forget to take my socklines down for a while after the socks are dry.