Friday, July 4, 2008

Day 3: to Lake Superior Provincial Park, July 3

Will and I had a lovely morning near Blind River, getting a guided tour of the neighbourhood, gardens, and lakefront. Morning coffee was on the deck overlooking the North Channel, with blue water and even bluer sky overhead.

Mom showed up around lunchtime, and by 3pm the "women and children" section of the trip was underway. Highway 17 continued to be our route (as it will for several days yet) and we went first through "the Soo" (Sault Ste. Marie Ontario) to pick up a propane hose for the stove in the bus. My uncle had kindly sourced the hose for me through his mechanic, and they gave me exact instructions how to get to the store and what I was looking for.

The drive around Lake Superior was far prettier than I remembered; lush greenery and harsh rocks, and deep blue water. We got into Lake Superior Provincial Park and ended up on the north end, staying at Rabbit Blanket campground.

Total so far: 1362km.

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