Sunday, July 6, 2008

Day 6: Bus repairs

We had breakfast at the Hoito, a co-operative restaurant in Thunder Bay that's been around since early in the century. (The pancakes are highly recommended). Afterwards Jon took Mike and I and the bus out to his buddy's shop, where we made some minor repairs.

We've had an oil leak, and Jon had earlier determined that the two Phillips screws that hold on the oil pan cover were stripped. His buddy had some "helicoils" in his toolbox, which I had never heard of, but seemed to do the job quite nicely. We ended up draining the oil completely, getting a new filter, and cleaning the oil screen - there was a ton of junk, including lots of metal shavings, under the screen. Coming back into town the oil pressure was higher and the cylinder head temperature was a bit lower, so that's all good. We'll see if there's any sign of oil tomorrow.

Jon also hooked up the propane hose, so we have cooking capability now!

Here's a completely gratuitous picture of Will, just because Mom's camera takes such great pictures.
(If you click on it, you'll see a bigger version).

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